Revenue Module

Bringing Inustry Level Financial Insights to Mineral and Royalty Owners

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Recent research suggest that royalty owners can be underpaid by as much as 8% . Our Revenue Module automates the revenue capture process and automatically performs monthly audits to ensure you're not one of them!
Multiple Upload Options
Multiple revenue upload options. Manual entry, drag and drop, or auto sync.
Summary Dashboard
Visualize revenue by well or lease and compare to your cost-free royalty clauses
Monthly Revenue Audits
Uncover missing income through our automatic monthly revenue audits


How does this module help you? 

  • Standardizes your revenue processes
  • Identifies potential  missing revenue
  • Revenue automatically audited monthly within Mineral Ranger's system
  • 90%+ time savings for revenue processing
  • Organizes income for year end taxes

Three options to upload/import your revenue data

Auto Sync
Drag & Drop
Monthly Revenue Feed

Our revenue sync feature provides an automated revenue feed that digitizes your revenue detail. No more digging through old physical check stubs. This allows you to standarized your revenue processes all from within the Mineral Ranger platform. Owners can now run reports using our templates to identify trends or anomolys without the need of third party software providers.

Uploading revenue statements can be done with a simple drag and drop

No more manual entry of your revenue check details. Within Mineral Ranger you'll be able to simply drag and drop the PDF revenue statement and let our AI do the rest. Through optical character recognition, we've built and trained our model to pull all the important detail off each revenue statement. 

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