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Intuitive point and click mapping with nationwide access to real-time well, production and permit data
Point and Click Mapping
Adding tracts is as simple as point and click. And if you're still having trouble, we'll handle it for you, for Free!
Summary Dashboard
Real time access to well, production, permit and rig data. Staying up to date with activity in your area made simple.
Activity Alerts
Be alerted when new permits populate or new production comes on line on or near your interest.



Track new drilling permits around your interests with daily permit updates.

The biggest value driver for minerals is the development timing. Understanding what's going on around you is a must to understanding the value of your assets.

Lease Tracking

Keep an eye on upcoming lease expirations or reference lease clauses

Document Vault

Associate documents to assets for secure and streamline organization

Organize Ownership

Understand exactly what you own, activity status, and where it is


Be alerted to new permits and when payment issues are detected

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