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Managing your minerals has never been Easier!

Mineral Ranger - The Best Way to Manage you Minerals 

Mineral Ranger's easy-to-use, intuitive interface and powerful features make managing your minerals a breeze. Stop wasting time on tedious tasks and wondering if you are getting paid correctly. Let Mineral Ranger  do it for you.

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Mineral Ranger Features
gis mapping      |     auto REVENUE audits      |      Land management      |      Activity tracker      |     alerts
Mapped based platform, where you're one click away from whatever you need.

Housed in one platform is all of the information you need to navigate your way through mineral ownership. From mapped tracts to real time well data, when it comes to navigating these complex waters for minerals owners - you're just one click away.

Nationwide Well Data

Real time access to well, production, permit, and rig data. Stay updated with activity in your area.

Point and Click Mapping

Adding tracts can be done with a simple point and click. Still having trouble. We'll handle it, for free.

Revenue Sync

Have revenue detail automatically uploaded and digitized with our seamless revenue sync.

Managing Your Minerals Should Not Be Complicated

Not having the tools and resources neccissary to manage your minerals and maximize their value will end up costing you...

  • Missing underpayments of monthly revenue 
  • Lose countless hours trying to manually manage your minerals
  • Feeling in-over-your-head and overwhelmed
  • Miss lease expirations costing you money
  • Uninformed of development activity when negotiating a lease or sale
  • Wasting hours verifying revenue for year end taxes

You do not have to continue feeling uninformed and overwhelmed. It's about time you make your life easier and take control of your minerals. By partnering with Mineral Ranger, you will be provided the tools and resources required to effortlessly manage your minerals.

Mineral Ranger is a POWERFUL tool that helps mineral owners MAXIMIZE THEIR ASSETS VALUE!

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